Gathering the Strength of the Hospitality Industry and
Building a Green and Low Carbon Future Together

Drive Decarbonization

To promote low-carbon environmental protection, and in response to the climate strategy and targets of China’s National 14ᵗʰ Five-Year Plan, with a view of reaching carbon peak by 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality by 2060

Gather Industry Strength

LCGHDA strives to support the China's climate strategy and goals, and unite the strengths of the hospitality industry of the Greater Bay Area, to encourage and motivate the industry to share their experiences and accelerate the pace to a green and low-carbon economy

Promote Sustainability

To reduce the risks associated with climate change due to environmental pollution, promote innovation and improve resilience to ensure the sustainability of industries and communities

Solve the Climate Crisis

We are committed to working with mainland China to address the climate crisis and take joint actions to set and implement decarbonization targets to build a green and low-carbon future

Work Focus

Professional Sharing and Green Skills Development

Regularly invite experts from professional associations and academic institutions to share their insights and experiences, promote mutual learning among membership units on the design and operation of green buildings and energy reservation, and draw low-carbon and environmental protection awareness through trainings and exchange programs

Promote Emission Reduction in the Industry

To collaborate with hotel, tourism and construction industries, we aim to draw low-carbon and environmental protection awareness, share best practices, deepen cooperation between industries, and formulate, implement and executive emission reduction targets

Promote the Development of the Alliance

To jointly participate in and promote the affairs of the LCGHDA, establish long-term and close cooperative relationship, with giving full play to our respective strengths

Strengthen Regional Communication

Converge the resources and strengths of mainland China, Macau and Hong Kong to deepen regional communication and jointly promote the development of low-carbon green hotels within the districts

Alliance’s Future Plans and Overall Direction

Explore eco-friendly hotels or buildings in the Greater Bay Area, and promote cooperation, share on practical experiences and insights.
Committing the carbon peak and neutrality goals as the principal objectives, we fully response to mainland China's "14ᵗʰ Five-Year Plan" and the decarbonization targets set by Macau Government, show various green facilities to the representatives of the Macau industry and exchange views to promote green buildings and contribute to decarbonization together.