MEPMA Visits Large-scale Grey Water Recycling Project in Integrated Resort

Responding to the “Grey Water Recycling” initiative raised by the Macau Government, Macau Environmental Protection and Management Association (MEPMA), a member of Low Carbon Green Hotel Development Alliance (LCGHDA), organized a visit for its members to the large-scale reclaimed water treatment facility at MGM COTAI, where they exchanged views with each other under the guidance of Wong Sok Kuan, Secretary General of LCGHDA, Adam Wong and Leo Chou, Director of Facility Management of MGM. Through the presentation, the utilization ratio of recycling unconventional water at MGM COTAI reaches to 12%.

Representatives introduced that MGM COTAI is award 3-star certification for both the Green Building Design and Operation Label, and it is the first hotel in the Greater Bay Area and the second in Greater China to achieve this certification. MGM COTAI has also won a number of important green building awards, including honors at the “Green Building Award”, “IFMA Asia Pacific Awards of Excellence”, and “ASHRAE Technology Awards – Honorable Mention in both Region (APAC) and Society (Global) Level”.

Chang Kam Pui, Director of MEPMA, said that through the on-site visits and exchanges, MEPMA learned about the professional treatment process of the reclaimed water system. In the future, MEPMA will assist LCGHDA in promoting the project to public so that more people know about the environmental protection efforts in Macau. Mak Hou In, Vice Director of MEPMA, pointed out that the MGM COTAI’s reclaimed water project is very forward-looking and state-of-the-art in terms of both technology and design. In addition, MGM COTAI has achieved positive results in food waste recycling, light pollution and energy saving, which is in line with the national goal of energy conservation and decarbonization. Wong Sok Kuan said that in the future, LCGHDA will deepen its cooperation with hotel, tourism and construction industries, enhance regional exchanges, and promote the awareness of low carbon and environmental protection, as well as share best practices, with developing and implementing emission reduction targets.

LCGHDA was jointly founded by Macau’s hotel and tourism industry, industry partners, and relevant professional organizations in Mainland China and Macau. LCGHDA members will continue to join hands to take actions in implementing the decarbonization goals, and to jointly build a green and low-carbon future.

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