China GBC Macau and LCGHDA Co-organized Green Building Seminar

“Green Building Seminar for Construction Industry Transformation and Upgrading”

“Using Smart Construction as a Bright Light and Exploring New Directions for Green Construction” seminar was held at MGM COTAI, hosted by China Green Building and Energy Saving (Macau) Association (China GBC Macau) and Low Carbon Green Hotel Development Alliance (LCGHDA). Chen Guangxian, Deputy General Manager of China Construction Engineering (Macau) Company Limited  (CSCEC (Macau)) and Qiao Yang, Deputy General Manager of China Harbour Engineering Company Limited (CHEC) have shared their views on the seminar, which attracted around 100 professionals from the construction and engineering industry in Macau.

Albert Chuck, President of China GBC Macau, said in his speech, “the 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party Report emphasizes the promotion of high-end, intelligent and green development of the manufacturing industry. Traditionally, the construction industry is a major contributor of carbon emissions, and with the establishment of national ‘3060’ Dual Carbon Goal, the role of green construction technologies in construction project such as intelligent construction and digital technologies has become increasingly prominent. Therefore, we hope that through this seminar, we can exchange views with local experts on construction industry transformation and upgrading”.

Chen Guangxian said that CSCEC (Macau) has built intelligent construction management and Building Information Modeling (BIM) platforms at various construction sites, which effectively achieves digitalization, intelligent, refined production and management. The prefabricated building and modular integrated construction, which are currently popular, have great advantages in reducing material waste and improving project quality. He believes that with the empowerment of AI technology, green building will contribute greatly to the carbon neutrality goal in the future.

Qiao Yang shared the BIM application technologies, safety and environmental protection management techniques used by CHEC in the Macau Waste Incineration Center Phase III Expansion Project, Beijing Daxing New Airport Project, Hong Kong Integrated Waste Management Facility Phase I Project, and offshore wind power project in Vietnam. Taking the Macau Waste Incineration Center Phase III Expansion Project as example, this project uses BIM intelligent construction management system as a project management synergy platform, which includes three aspects of “Intelligent Connection Sensing”, “Intelligent Management” and “Intelligent Construction”, to achieve the integrated dynamic management, panoramic project monitoring and AI behavioral alerts, epidemic control, and the intelligence construction experiential hall. This project also promotes enterprise’s technological innovation and improves the quality of project management by using BIM application.

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