Research and Exchange on “Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality Pilot Demonstration Projects”

This afternoon, at MGM COTAI function room, the Urban Planning and Construction Bureau of Guangdong-Macao In-depth Cooperation Zone in Hengqin, together with a research team from Guangdong University of Technology, held a seminar on “Research and Exchange on Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality Pilot Demonstration Projects” with LCGHDA to share the current situation and experience of green hotel development in Macau through on-site visit and communication, so as to facilitate the construction of carbon neutrality pilot demonstration in Hengqin.

At the beginning of the seminar, Albert Chuck, Director of LCGHDA, introduced the objectives, structure and activities of LCGHDA, also showed the low-carbon development, environmental protection and energy saving measures taken by various integrated resorts in Macau through a video.

Afterwards, Tam Wei Fong, Vice Director of the Urban Planning and Construction Bureau of the Cooperation Zone, introduced the purpose and content of the research, development and future of carbon neutrality in Hengqin. She also introduced that Hengqin prioritizes hotels and cultural tourism and entertainment, and plans to establish and implement the Tan Pu Hui program that can effectively guide the low-carbon actions of the guests, tourists, and residents. She also hoped the cooperation with LCGHDA and other organizations can establish a Tan Pu Hui program, which can be accessible to both regions, and promote low-carbon development within hotel and tourism industry in both regions and the Greater Bay Area as well.

Zeng Xuelan, the Executive Dean of Carbon Neutrality and Green Development Collaborative Innovation Institute of Guangdong University of Technology, shared more details about the Tan Pu Hui program, its operating mechanism, application scenario and its prospects.

During the exchange session, they had an in-depth discussion about the current carbon market status, with qualification of carbon audits and other details. 

Finally, led by MGM COTAI Facilities Management department, the Planning and Development Bureau of Cooperation Zone and the Guangdong University of Technology visited the MGM COTAI Spectacle, as well as the back of house areas: chiller rooms, condensation tower, boiler room, pump room, and the water recycling system etc. During the visit, they explored feasible technologies and measures to promote low-carbon operation in hotel, and expressed their expectation for organizing more exchange activities on green and low-carbon development between hotel enterprises in both regions in the future. MGM COTAI is the first hotel in the Greater Bay Area to receive both Three-star Green Building Design Label and Operation Label and the second hotel in the Greater China to obtain this achievement. As a green role model, MGM COTAI demonstrated that Macau’s hotel industry has been applying all their strength to response to China’s dual-carbon development goals.

The guests attending this session also including: Lo Wa Peng, Acting Director of Ecology and Environment Department of Urban Planning and Construction Bureau, Cooperation Zone in Hengqin; Tam Chon I, the Engineer; Kan Lai Ieng, the Senior Engineer; Ng Hang In, the Assistant Engineer; Lou Sa Lao, the Staff of the General Office; Tang Shan and Chen Xulei, the Engineer of Guangdong University of Technology; Zhang Zhe, the Economist of Guangdong University of Technology; Wong Sok Kuan, the Secretary General of LCGHDA; Lei Ka Hang, the Vice Director of LCGHDA; Wong Hei Man, Chou Wai Long and Leona Cheang, the Council Member of LCGHDA.

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